Another key way we help our member brands is by providing auditing support. A main requirement of Fair Wear membership is that member brands become fully aware of what’s going on in the factories of their suppliers. That’s why they need to carefully monitor the situation at their suppliers.

One way for brands to meet the monitoring targets is by asking Fair Wear teams to conduct factory audits. Fair Wear local audit teams conduct thorough assessments and report their findings back to the brand and factory. This lets member brands know the current situation on the factory floor and helps them identify where they can work to make improvements. During Brand Performance Checks we see how brands are doing with their monitoring targets. Later on down the line, Fair Wear teams conduct verification audits to see how successful the brand has has been at making changes.

Auditing shows us what’s working, what isn’t and what brands should focus on next.

Anne van Lakerveld, Fair Wear brand liaison