Brand Performance Checks

The Brand Performance Check is a core element of Fair Wear membership. It’s a tool we use to figure out how our member brands’ have worked to improve labour conditions and a chance for them to publicly report that progress.

Tracking our brands’ progress

Every year, we review brands’ efforts by measuring how well they have assessed, identified and resolved issues with their suppliers in the past year. This can look like many things. For example, we will check if a company’s production planning is realistic, making sure there are no late orders or unreasonable deadlines that could lead to excessive overtime. We then openly share these findings with the public.

This is a unique approach that sets Fair Wear apart and has many benefits.

Brand Performance Checks:

  • Strengthen Fair Wear member brands’ accountability
  • Clearly communicate brand successes
  • Make progress and needs visible to colleagues within an organisation(i.e. buyers, production managers and other stakeholders)
  • Provide targeted feedback to brands on how to improve
  • Offer a clear improvement or exit path for under-performing brands
  • Serve as a tool for consumers to learn more about member brands

Brand Performance Checks recognise that the management and purchasing decisions of clothing brands have an enormous influence on factory conditions and that this should be addressed if we want to change the way our clothes are made. ‘What we see is that brand’s internal processes highly influence labour conditions on the factory floor. This is one of the key things we evaluate during the Performance Check. Because at the end of the day, it’s really difficult to fix a problem if you aren’t aware that you’re the one causing it,’ explains Anne van Lakerveld, Fair Wear brand liaison.

It’s really difficult to fix a problem if you aren’t aware that you’re the one causing it.

Anne van Lakerveld, Fair Wear brand liaison

The first Brand Performance Check happens after the first year of membership. Throughout the first year, brand liaisons help brands prepare. They explain in detail the different aspects of the check and how to deal with them. After the first Brand Performance Check is complete, liaisons then help member brands make sense of the results and determine the next steps.

Want to see what a Brand Performance Check looks like? Check out the latest one from Suit Supply.


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