Bel&Bo-Fabrimode NV, Complaint 846

Safe and healthy working conditions Legally binding employment relationship

The complainant has been working in the factory for 1 year as an operator. Currently, the complainant is 5 months pregnant. Legally, she is entitled to receive maternity leave and benefit. The factory management, however, told the complainant that she is not entitled to receive these. Furthermore, management also advised her to hand in her resignation. However, the complainant wants to receive the full benefit of her entitled maternity leave and benefit and continue working at the factory, as per law.

Overview of the complaint investigation

2020-05-19 Investigation

During follow up on 19 May 2020, Fair Wear came to know that the complainant has resigned willingly due to the Covid-19 outbreak, to make sure she does not put herself at risk due to her pregnancy. However, she did not receive her maternity benefits and is therefore asking for maternity benefits as per law.