Continental Clothing Company Ltd, Stanley and Stella S.A., Complaint 42

Reasonable hours of work Legally binding employment relationship

The plaintiff’s work contract was terminated by the employer, and for the total amount of plaintiff’s seniority and legal notice period compensation payments a cheque due to one year later from the dismissal was given to him. When plaintiff asked for an early payment, it was claimed by the plaintiff that the factory management accepted this only with the condition of non-payment of the notice period compensation. The factory management made plaintiff sign a loan agreement for the amount of the compensation, and after that plaintiff was able to change the cheque into cash, got the seniority payment part of it and repaid the notice period compensation part in return of the loan agreement.

Overview of the complaint investigation

2013-10-02 Investigation

The affiliates sourcing from the accused party communicated the issue to the factory management and asked for explanation.

2013-10-04 Conclusion of the investigation

The accused factory was open during the dialogue with affiliates and confirmed that the case occurred as plaintiff explained.

2013-10-07 Remediation

Action required was the due payment of the total amount for seniority and compensation payments. The factory was asked to pay the amount, which was cut in return of the loan agreement, back to the plaintiff.

2013-10-11 Verification

After communication of the affiliates the plaintiff visited the factory on October 11, 2013. The same day the plaintiff confirmed that he received the payment for the exact amount that was not paid.

2013-10-11 Resolved

The complaint has been resolved