Engelbert Strauss GmbH & Co. KG, Complaint 866

Safe and healthy working conditions Legally binding employment relationship

The complainant claimed to have been treated unfairly:
- Another employee misbehaved towards complainant
- The complainant did not receive a raise that year
- The complainant was unfairly fired

Complainant also filed a court case surrounding these issues.

Overview of the complaint investigation

2020-03-23 Investigation

The member has asked the supplier for feedback on the issue and, together with Fair Wear, is looking into investigation partners. Due to the restrictions on place because of the COVID-19 outbreak, the factory's operations are limited and they have not been able to provide feedback yet. The complainant will be contacted to check on current situation.

2020-05-15 Investigation

The member discussed the complaint with the supplier, who had a different view about it and wants to await the court decision. Fair Wear and the member discussed possible ways to support the worker in the meanwhile. This included the brand supplying contact details of local unions to the complainant. The member is following the pending court decision and will maintain contact with the complainant about his situation. Since Fair Wear is not active in the country, this takes place via an external independent organisation active in Pakistan.