Expresso Fashion B.V., Complaint 411

Payment of a living wage Legally binding employment relationship

According to plaintiff, several workers were dismissed and the dismissals were not according to law. Plaintiff indicated the workforce at the factory has been decreased, while part of production was subcontracted. Complainant also indicated that workers were paid only the 9th and 12th of the month after (January) instead of before the 5th of the next month as legally required.

Findings and conclusions

The complaint was received by the local complaints handler on the 12th of February 2010.On the 12th of February 2010 FWF decided that the complaint on the late payment was admissible as they relate to the Code of Labour Practices and the accused party is a supplier of Expresso. The complaints handler gathered more information from the plaintiff and the text of applicable laws. Expresso Fashion interviewed the management of the factory. As information was still not enough to come to a conclusion an additional investigation audit was conducted on the 1st of April.
Legally binding relationship:
From the workers with temporary contracts, contracts were not renewed when ended. Part of the production was indeed transferred to a subcontractor, who was not aware of the Code of Labour Practices. That should be followed up by the member. No non-compliance was found in the factory.
Payment of a living wage:
The late payments of salaries only were confirmed for the month of January 2010. The months afterwards were paid on time. Only non-compliance with laws on payments of salaries was found for the month of January 2010. Issues were addressed by the factory and so the complaint closed.

Overview of the complaint investigation

2010-04-30 Closed

Issues were adressed by the factory and the complaint was closed.