Fristads Kansas Group, Complaint 164

There is no discrimination in employment Safe and healthy working conditions

The new management staffs, were taken hostages and physically assaulted by angry workers within Scandex

Findings and conclusions

Scandex representatives reported that on December 2, 2015, further to management changes, as mentioned in the FWF complaint communicated to us, that was required as a result of suspicion of on going corrupted activities by a few of their staffs, who once exposed resigned, 2 to 3 of the new management staffs, including Md. Abdus Salam, were taken hostages and physically assaulted by angry workers within Scandex 2 premises after some accomplices had secured to shut down the factory by blocking the 4 main points of entrance. Thanks to the support of other Scandex workers, the hostages/ assaulted persons managed to escape and call management out of the factory at the time, Mr. Abhijit Bhaskarao Shirke, and Industrial Police for rescue. Then Police Station was involved to conduct on site investigation (complaint file as per attached document IR(2)) while one of the injured management staff was taken to hospital for care (Medical Doc(1) attached).As of this day, Scandex has filed a legal complaint for physical assault against 9 of the 29 workers “involved” and suspended them, as well as the 20 other workers suspected accomplices, as per document attached (Scandex).The trial againt the 9 workers is scheduled for March 2016 but no final date has yet been communicated by the local authorities.As for the suspected additional accomplices suspended since the event, Scandex has conducted an internal investigation and will give a ruling within the next few days.
Members stopped sourcing there in 2016.
Resolved through EPZ (Export Processing Zone Authority)

Overview of the complaint investigation

2016-01-14 Resolved

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