Fristads Kansas Group, Complaint 410

Reasonable hours of work

Plaintiffs indicated that in the previous month they had to do every day overtime and in the first week of July they also had to work on Sundays. In case they refuse to do so their salary would be deducted.

Findings and conclusions

The complaint has been received by the local complaints handler in Vietnam in the first week of July 2010.
A number of workers from a factory supplying Kwintet Far East complained about structural, excessive overtime. An investigation showed that overtime did take place and was not properly recorded, making it difficult to judge whether the overtime was excessive. As the failure to register overtime had also been found during the audit that had taken place two months earlier, the complaint was closed and corrective action integrated in the corrective action plan following the audit.

Overview of the complaint investigation

2011-02-07 Closed

This complaint is closed.