Grune Erde GmbH, Complaint 379

Freedom of association and the right to collective bargaining Legally binding employment relationship

According to the plaintiff, he had been dismissed for being a member of a trade union
and speaking to a newspaper about the conditions in the factory. Other workers have
been intimidated by management not to join a trade union.

Findings and conclusions

A former employee of one of hessnatur’s turkish suppliers filed a complaint in March 2010, claiming unlawful dismissal because of union membership and harassment of workers who wanted to join a union. FWF found the complaint to be justified and set up a corrective action plan with hessnatur which included either re-hiring or financially compensating the worker. The factory, however, refused to comply until hessnatur, after repeated attempts to pressure the factory management, decided to halt production. The worker was reinstated after that. However, due to other – business – reasons, Hessnatur decided not to go back to the factory, making further improvements and verification by FWF impossible. This complaint thus had to be closed.

Overview of the complaint investigation

2010-06-01 Closed

This complaint was closed