Haglofs AB, Complaint 555

There is no discrimination in employment Reasonable hours of work Safe and healthy working conditions Legally binding employment relationship

The complainant is a factory worker at the sole department. He/she submitted a complaint about three issues:
1. Workers are not provided 30-minute dinner break when working three or four overtime hours a day. In addition, they are not provided with a free meal, while workers at other sections are provided dinner breaks with free meals included.
2. Workers at sole department work in three shifts. During the night shift, workers are only provided a 30-minute break instead of 45 minutes, as required by labour law.
3. Labour norms: Previously, each worker was assigned to complete 8 sole moulds. During the previous 10 days, they are assigned 12 sole moulds instead of 8. The workers are unable to complete the new norm.

The complainant and his/her co-workers have sent their complaints to the supervisors but there were no improvements.

Overview of the complaint investigation

2018-12-25 Investigation

On 21 December Haglofs informed the factory about the complaint and on the 22 December the factory replied that they will investigate internally about the case.
On 25 December the factory shared with the brand that;
1. Sole factory do have 30 minutes break time & meal subsidy for lunch time.

2. Sole factory do have 45 minutes break time. Per shift has two times break time, one is 30 minutes and another is 15 minutes.

3. Operating from 8 molds to 12 molds is the new project base on the need shared from employees, as they would like to increase their salary, so if they can
have more output, they can earn more.
The project just started and was agreed upon with workers.

The factory suggested to inform all employees about the fact that lunch is paid by the factory and will involve the CSR team to communicate with them. For now., the factory decided to cancel the project of increasing molds production.

2019-03-11 Investigation

FWF complaints handlers could not reach the complainant but a co-worker.
The coworker shared that:
- The workers at the sole department work on 2 shifts.
Shift 1: from 7:00 to 19:00. Break for lunch at 12:00 ~ 12:30 (30 minutes). There is no break from 12:30 through 19:00.
Shift 2: From 19:00 to 7:00. Break at night from 00:00 ~ 00:30 (30 minutes). There is no break from 00:30 through 7:00.
- Workers are paid meal support (about 18,600VND/day).
> Therefore, according to the worker, workers have only 30 minutes break for night shift (shift 2) and have no break during overtime.

About labour norm: the factory still applies 12 molds so far. This norm is pressure for workers. If workers could not reach this norm, they will be deducted salary or be scolded by the leader.

2019-06-19 Remediation

The intermediary checked the factory revised work regulations.
It is added a 30-minute break for workers who work overtime for more than 2 hours.