Haglofs AB, LK International AG (Kjus), Schoffel Sportbekleidung GmbH, Complaint 843

Payment of a living wage Legally binding employment relationship

A group of three complainants reached out to the Complaints Handler in Vietnam and claimed that the factory has not paid them the severance allowance that they are entitled to.

All complainants were advised that they should contact the Human Resource office to check the payment then call back if they need further help. After contacting the Human Resource officer, all of them said that the Human Resource officer confirmed them that they were not entitled to severance allowance. They are claiming their severance allowance and would like Fair Wear's help.

Overview of the complaint investigation

2020-03-10 New issue

Two other workers called to complain about the same issue, bringing the number of complainants to five for this new case.

2020-03-11 New issue

Three other workers called to complain about the same issue, bringing the number of complainants to eight for this case.

2020-04-24 Conclusion of the investigation

Based on interviews with all complainants on 24 April 2020:
- 4 out of 8 complainants have received severance allowance

- 4 out of 8 complainants have not received severance allowance. For 2 workers who resigned in 2017, the human resource officer said that they have not received severance allowance because they resigned several years ago. For the other two workers, the factory replied that they did not have severance allowance because they did not work the required 45 days before leaving. However, both complainants said that they notified the factory 45 days in advance and received approval by the factory management. They have received their remaining salary and social insurance book.

2020-05-20 Investigation

The member brands shared the workers lists provided by the factory. These showed that two more complainants from this case received their dues but two are not on the lists.

2020-05-22 Investigation

One of the complainants received the required maternity allowance but not the severance allowance for the time worked before 2009.