HAVEP, Complaint 766

There is no discrimination in employment Safe and healthy working conditions

The complaint was received on the 10 August 2019, through FWF helpline from the worker in the textile factory in North Macedonia. The claiming was against the factory brigadier (supervisor of the production line), appealing that she is a victim of mobbing.
The situation explained by the worker is that every day the brigadier refers to the worker with harsh vocabulary, and the situation escalated when the brigadier forbids the worker to go to the toilet and also to take a pill for diabetes. The worker and the brigadier had a conflict that was shared with the manager that gave her permission to the worker to leave the workplace. The worker informed the manager by giving a statement in writing about the situation.
The worker is 60 years old and works for 11 years in the factory as a seamstress and she has diabetes and problems with her back and hands for which she usually goes to therapy and has a recommendation from a doctor for the change of the job. According to the worker, she can work on the ordinary sewing machine but have a problem and feel pain in her hands when works on special machines. For this condition, she uses pills for release of the pains and also pills for diabetes. So far even she has a recommendation from a doctor for changing the working position, she is still working on different machines.
The worker feels that the brigadier constantly is controlling her and she is not even willing to go to work because of this pressure. Also according to the worker, the brigadier is referring to other workers with the same behaviour and this creates an uncomfortable workplace and many of the workers use pills in order to cope with the pressure at the workplace. The factory has no rules for regulating this type of situation and the worker also did not refer to the factory trade union.

Overview of the complaint investigation

2019-08-27 Investigation

After this initial complaint, another complaint was filed by a local organization referring to a similar situation. The new complaint is recorded as a separate complaint but it will be clustered for the investigation and the findings will be treated under the other complaint. This complaint will be part of the verification audit which is scheduled for 20-21 September.

2019-12-01 Closed

This complaint is considered as closed due to the decision to combine the investigation steps and further its followup as part of complaint #775.