Jack Wolfskin, Complaint 126

No exploitation of child labour Payment of a living wage Reasonable hours of work

The case was originally reported by Democratic Voice of Burma (DVB) on 26 March 2014 on the internet:
FWF contacted the workers through local stakeholders’ network on 3 April 2014. During the investigation process, the 17 workers’ leaders requested that four local and international Non-Governmental Organisations (hereafter: NGOs) would communicate with FWF and Jack Wolfskin on their behalf.
It was decided in September that MAP foundation would communicate directly on behalf of the NGOs and the workers.

According to the internet article, migrant workers from Myanmar (Burma) working at the factory had to work 14 hours a day and received less than minimum wages – 300 THB per day1 (approximately 7 EUR). They were fined 200 THB (4 EUR) when they took sick leave or emergency leave.
They were also instructed to hide the information from external inspectors.
The workers demanded that they receive minimum wage plus overtime pay. They wanted adequate sick leave and financial help for those who were injured at work, and shorter working hours.
The migrant workers have complained to the Thai Department of Labour Protection and Welfare but said they would continue with their protest, until their demands would be met.

Overview of the complaint investigation

2015-02-27 Closed

Having verified the actions that were taken by Jack Wolfskin since the first time payment below legal minimum wage was discovered, and having verified the actions taken by Jack Wolfskin required by FWF under the remediation of this complaint, FWF came to the conclusion that Jack Wolfskin fulfilled the activities required by FWF in this complaint and earlier in the follow up of the findings of their own audits.
The pending payment of owed back pay of minimum wages is not solved in this case. However, the factory had closed and FWF had verified that Jack Wolfskin had fulfilled FWF’s requirements, FWF decided to close this complaint case.