Jack Wolfskin, Schoffel Sportbekleidung GmbH, Complaint 823

Payment of a living wage Legally binding employment relationship

According to the complainant, the factory does not provide the workers with the legally entitled leaves (annual leave and casual leave). The complainant has been working at the factory since it started its operation in 2018. However, the factory has not provided annual leave and causal leave even though the workers are registered under SSB and contributing to SSB on a monthly basis. The factory has announced that they would start implementing this law requirement in April 2020. They plan to pay the annual compensation for 2019 in April 2020 but the annual leave for 2018 would not be compensated. The complainant thinks that it would be unfair if the workers who have been working for more than 1 year are not compensated their entitled annual leave.

Overview of the complaint investigation

2020-01-16 Investigation

The brand reached out to the factory, who replied that they had already announced that they plan to pay annual allowance in April 2020 and confirmed it again during the last Fair Wear Audit (December 2019). Moreover, 'casual leaves' and 'sick leaves' are run under same system, but there was a mix-up about the category of the leaves in HR Team and they are currently trying to classify the leaves correctly.

The factory's contact person promised to follow up further with the management team and to update the brand.

2020-01-17 Investigation

After the reply from the factory, the brand asked for clarification on a few more points.
1. Have workers received annual leave (or a compensation for the annual leave not taken) for 2019?
2. Have workers received casual leave (or a compensation for the annual leave not taken) for 2019?
3. Did workers receive payment if they took sick leave in 2019?
4. What is the procedures regarding leaves for 2020?