McGregor Fashion Group B.V., Complaint 91

Payment of a living wage Reasonable hours of work

The complainant complaints about the high production target which cannot be met. Workers who do not finish the production target need to stay overtime without extra pay.

Overview of the complaint investigation

2014-05-16 Investigation

FWF informed McGregor about the case. McGregor has informed the factory about the complaint immediately after receipt of information.
Factory management denies workers having to work overtime. In case overtime has to be done, payment would be double according to law.
FWF has conducted a verification audit to investigate this complaint on 27 and 28 June 2014.

2014-06-30 Conclusion of the investigation

Books show that working hours are from 9am to 5.30pm with 30 minutes lunch break. Management and workers stated that overtime is happening occasionally but with advance notice and on free will. Overtime is limited from 5.30pm to 7pm. All overtime hours are paid double.
There are no production targets as such but workers are asked to not waste time during production and working hours. Salary deductions are made for chronic late comers.

2014-06-30 Remediation

No remediation is needed as the findings show that the factory complies with the law.
Salary deductions should not be made regularly and never without clear prior notice and explanation.

2014-07-09 Evaluation of the complaint

The complainant has been notified of the findings.

2014-07-09 Closed

The complaint can be closed.