McGregor Fashion Group B.V., Complaint 92

Safe and healthy working conditions

Both workers complain that they are verbally and physically abused by the supervisor. The supervisor would shout at them. They sometimes get scolded.

Overview of the complaint investigation

2014-05-16 Investigation

FWF informs McGregor about the case. McGregor has informed the factory about the complaint immediately after receipt of information.
Factory management denies sexual harassment at its factory.
FWF has conducted a verification audit to investigate this complaint on 27 and 28 June 2014.

2014-06-30 Conclusion of the investigation

Workers informed the audit team that the mentioned supervisor has been dismissed from the factory. None of the workers complained about physical abuse both during the external and internal interviews from the time they have started working.

2014-06-30 Remediation


2014-06-30 Evaluation of the complaint

The plaintiff has been interviewed again during the audit and informed about the audit results.

2014-07-09 Closed

The complaint has been closed.