Mini Rodini AB, Complaint 320

Reasonable hours of work Safe and healthy working conditions Legally binding employment relationship

Two complainants, from the same factory, contacted the FWF hotline with similar complaints.

The first complainant stated that the working atmosphere in the factory has recently deteriorated, following the start of a new factory manager and the subsequent appointment of four new supervisors. According to the complainant, the factory manager has been shouting at all the workers on the floor, and threatening that he will fire them if they do not meet their production targets.

The second complainant added that the factory manager and supervisors have been screaming at the workers to complete their targets.

According to both complainants, the workers are given high production targets. Furthermore, they said that they are made to work between 30 minutes and an hour overtime, but do not receive payment for these hours. The complainants further stated that the factory owner does not seem to be aware of the factory manager's behaviour or actions.

Overview of the complaint investigation

2018-03-02 Investigation

FWF informed Mini Rodini about the complaint on 2nd March. The relationship with the factory has been difficult lately, partly due to a number of complaints received throught the FWF hotline. Mini Rodini therefore planned a visit in April 2018 to discuss the cases and general cooperation on improving working conditions. Mini Rodini informed FWF about the outcome of the meeting on 13th June 2018.
FWF also assessed the recent FWF audit report from December 2018.

2018-06-27 Conclusion of the investigation

A. High targets and working atmosphere
The points raised by the complainants were also shared by workers during off-site interviews.
While the factory denied that supervisors had been shouting, they did acknowledge that there are at times challenges in the relationship of workers and supervisors. The factory is actively working to change this culture through training and counselling. Since the complaint was registered, a new general factory manager has been hired for one floor with the aim to improve working relations.
The factory stated that targets are set by skilled engineers and are not too high.

FWF can at this point not determine with certainty whether the part of the complaint concerning targets is grounded or not. Regarding possible verbal abuse, FWF concludes that there are indications that this is a challenge in the factory. FWF will check with the complainants about the current situation to determine whether additional investigation and remediation is needed.

B. Overtime
Management denies that unpaid overtime takes place. The FWF audit did not find any indications of unpaid overtime during the FWF audit.

FWF concludes that overtime is likely paid correctly.

2018-10-09 Remediation

The factory invests in training their existing managers on human resource management and on dealing with expectations of the workers while setting targets. A congenial work environment without any shouting and abuses will make workers more productive.

2018-10-31 Verification

Upon a follow up call to the complainant Fair Wear was informed that the management has made certain changes in their staff and that the work environment in factory has improved. The Production Manager, who was apparently a very abusive manager, was dismissed and a new manager has been hired. Complainant added that there was no harassment on the shop floor at the moment.

2018-11-05 Evaluation of the complaint

The factory has taken action to better the work environment on shop floor and this is clearly stated by the complainant during the follow up call. Workers at large are happy with the change in management.

2018-11-05 Resolved

The case can be considered resolved as there is no harassment from management after the change.