Nudie Jeans Co., Complaint 238

Payment of a living wage

The complainant claimed she has been working at the factory for about 9 months. Due to health issues, she took leave from 1-10 April 2017 without informing the supervisor/HR. As she was feeling better, she re-joined work on 11 April 2017 and worked until 18 April 2017. Her health was not improving so she took leave again and later submitted her resignation on 25 April 2017. She has not received her salary for the month of March and the 8 days of working in April. Her details of full and final settlement are still pending. The complainant brought this issue to the HR Manager to which he replied that the payment will be made in June.

Findings and conclusions

On 6 May 2017, FWF’s complaints handler in India received a complaint from a former factory worker, who claimed that she has not received her final salary payments for the month of May and 8 working days in April after resigning due to persistent health issues. FWF declared this complaint admissible and informed Nudie Jeans, the FWF member sourcing at this factory. Nudie Jeans reached out to factory management, who later was informed that the complainant did not give the required one-month notice period as she refused to work the final month without reason. Upon explaining that the complainant would receive her salary after the 25th of the following month after the notice period, the complainant was satisfied. As this case was on an individual basis, no remediation steps were suggested. After two points of contact to verify whether the complainant received her salary in the end of May and in June, she reported that her wages were paid in full. Overall, the complainant was unaware of the internal policy of payment of wages after leaving the position, hence why she raised the complaint.

Overview of the complaint investigation

2017-05-16 Investigation

FWF informed the brand about the case on 16 May 2017, who in turn informed the supplier and asked for a reply. The brand's explanation over email was referred to. A FWF Country Representative also met with management of the supplier to discuss this case.

2017-05-16 Conclusion of the investigation

It was found that the complainant kept taking a leave from work because of her illness and did not inform factory management. The complainant resigned from the factory on 25 April with immediate effect. As per the company policy, of which workers are aware, the management was asked to serve a notice period of one month. The complainant refused to do so without providing a valid reason. It was explained to the complainant that the payment will be completed on the 25th of following month after the notice period.

2017-05-16 Remediation

As this case was on an individual basis and has been fully resolved, no remediation steps are suggested.

2017-06-30 Verification

The complainant was contacted twice at the end of May and in June to verify whether she had received the payment. She confirmed that her wages were cleared and paid.

2017-06-30 Evaluation of the complaint

The complainant was unaware of the internal policy of payment of wages after leaving the position, hence why she raised the complaint. The complainant was satisfied after her wages were paid.

2017-06-30 Resolved

The complainant is satisfied now that her wages were paid. This case thereby is resolved.