Odd Molly International AB, Complaint 152

Legally binding employment relationship

The complainant filed a complaint to FWF that due to lack of production orders, he was fired without severance. He worked at the factory from 22 September 2015 to 26 January 2016 (4 months in total). His contract is valid till 21 September 2018.

If the complaint is grounded, the complainant is entitled to a severance of half a month of his average monthly salary.

The complainant urged FWF to take care of his complaint as soon as possible due to the coming Chinese New Year.

Overview of the complaint investigation

2016-01-27 Investigation

FWF informed Odd Molly about the case on 27 January.

On 28 January, the complainant sent a message to the FWF complaints handler to inform her that he turned to the local labour bureau, and after remediation, the factory paid him an additional 1 month of salary. He does not want his case to be raised further with the factory and Odd Molly.

The factory informed Odd Molly that the financial department initially miscalculated and therefore did not pay out the severance pay. The miscalculation was discovered on 28 January and subsequently paid.

2016-01-28 Closed

The complaint has been solved outside of FWF's complaints system and can therefore be closed.