Odd Molly International AB, Complaint 540

Employment is freely chosen Payment of a living wage Safe and healthy working conditions Legally binding employment relationship

On 21st October four workers, who were employed in this factory through a contractor, were dismissed from the factory. One claimed his salary on 20th November and other three were supporting his claim. The discussion with contractor turned into shouting and abusing from contractor's side.
On 21st all the complainants were denied entry to the factory as they supported the worker (the main complainant) and they were verbally abused by both contractor and HR Manager. Complainants waited outside the factory but to no avail. One of the complainants sought support of a police officer who is his relative. HR manager met them after the police officer’s intervention and said that they would get their payment on the same day.

The complainants were made to sign on 5 paper: two blank vouchers, two blank full and final payment document and one blank paper. According to the complainants, the HR promised that the copy will be soon provided to them, but since the owner was not there this can only be done later. They were shown their payment details as entered in a computer in HR office. HR also promised to complete the formalities of their PF withdrawal after 45 days.

The complainants want the copy of those papers they have signed in to check the details of the payment received and to verify PF contributions by their contractor. They also want to take action against contractor for misbehaving with workers.

Overview of the complaint investigation

2019-07-17 Investigation

Factory did not give an explanation for the issues raised by the complainants . Monitoring audit conducted on 30th October, 2018 revealed that only only those workers who are working for a long time are aware of complaint mechanism and also there is no proper payment on the social securities. Since there was no reply from the factory, follow up with the complainants could not be accomplished . However, audit which was planned in 2020 to verify the some structural issues raised on another complaint could be a possible remediation for this complaint as well .

2020-02-27 Closed

Since the business relation between brand and factory has ended this complaint is considered as closed.