Schoffel Sportbekleidung GmbH, VAUDE Sport GmbH & Co. KG, Complaint 832

Safe and healthy working conditions

The caller reported about the daily verbal abuse from the leader of Sewing Line 3. The complainant stated that he/she called Fair Wear since he/she could not stand the constant verbal abuse from the line leader. Although the supervisor knows about the verbal abuse, she never stops the leader. The leader sometimes throws the products away or towards workers when she is angry.
The complainant is very much afraid of using the existing grievance channels because they have risk of exposing his/her identity and possible retaliation.
He/she wishes that the supervisors and the leaders communicate to the workers politely.

Overview of the complaint investigation

2020-02-20 Remediation

The factory informed that they had a meeting with the HR department, factory manager and CSR manager and arranged training for all the management level staff including supervisors and leaders to stop verbal abuse and violent behaviour in the workplace and to promote polite behaviour. The factory mentioned that they were setting up a grievance system for workers to solve the issues internally and effectively in the future.

2020-02-21 Verification

Fair Wear requested the brand to ask the factory to share the training materials and records for the supervisors on abuse at the workplace and more details on how workers were informed about it and the policy and procedures of the grievance channels that the factory is setting up.

2020-02-22 Evaluation of the complaint

The complainant contacted Fair Wear and asked if his/her complaint was reported to the brand already since he/she did not see any changes in the supervisors. Fair Wear complaint handler informed him/her on the action taken by the factory on the claim and their future plans on training and grievance channels.

2020-02-26 Verification

Fair Wear informed the brand about the complainant's claim on not seeing any improvement at the workplace and urged the brand to follow up on the corrective actions.

2020-06-18 Remediation

The brand informed that the factory conducted a training with the supervisors on Decent Workplace Communication on 10 June 2020.