SOLO INVEST S.A.S, Complaint 818

Legally binding employment relationship

The complainant has been working at the factory since November 2006. According to the complainant, on 1 December 2019, the Managing Director (MD) of the factory has terminated the complainant's contract without any reason and without giving any notice. On 17 December, the complainant submitted his/her resignation as per the instruction of administration department. On 29 December, the complainant went to the factory to collect his payments, there, factory management wanted to give a settlement worth 108,000 BDT but the complainant refused to take the money. After this, the complainant left the factory and called the Fair Wear helpline.

The complainant would like Fair Wear to help him receive all his legal dues and payment and he would also like to know why his contract was terminated.

Overview of the complaint investigation

2020-03-11 Investigation

The complainant informed Fair Wear that factory management called him to collect his legal dues early March. The complainant claims to be entitled to 438,949 BDT, based on his 13 years’ service benefits, earned leave and 4 months’ notice period. However, the complainant stated that factory management only offered him 150,000 BDT. The Complainant refused this offer, but he did state that if management would give him 300,000 BDT he would consider this a compromise.

Fair Wear's local team also calculated the complainant's legal dues but came to a slightly different number: 390,694 BDT.

Fair Wear let the member brand know the information above and requested that the brand follow-up with the factory management.