Suit Supply B.V., Complaint 828

Safe and healthy working conditions

The caller is a 4-month pregnant worker, who is working in Final QC department. She reported that her supervisor gives her a lot of pressure about work but allows her no time to sit down and rest. She has already informed her pregnancy to the HR office as well. Recently, the factory provided trainings to workers and supervisors in groups to raise awareness on workers' right and benefits, FWF and welfare, which also covers how pregnant workers should be treated. Despite the training, however, the supervisor does not reduce the complainant's workload or let her rest as instructed by HR. Moreover, the complainant added that the supervisor scolds her whenever she is behind the target.

A few minutes after her call, another worker from the factory who is also from the QC department called FWF. She reported the same incident where the supervisor constantly pressuring all the workers about production target, including the only pregnant worker, who does not even have time to sit and rest. Due to the supervisor's strict and harsh management, most of the workers feel pressured and cry from time to time.

Overview of the complaint investigation

2020-01-29 Remediation

The brand contacted the factory to remediate the complaint according to the following.
1. Call all supervisors together, inform them about the complaint, tell them that it is unacceptable that training is ignored and that it’s the supervisors job to protect pregnant workers - not to push them to their limits.
2. Re-look at the targets set for all pregnant workers, and discuss with each one if they feel this target is doable or if it’s too high, and that they can always request lighter work.
3. The following week, the CSR manager will be in the factory to talk through the taken actions and make a follow up plan for this.

2020-01-30 Remediation

The factory held a meeting with the supervisors and pregnant workers to talk about pregnant workers' Welfare. The photo and document evidence was also attached for verification.

2020-02-03 Verification

FWF checked the documents and photos sent by the brand.

2020-02-04 Evaluation of the complaint

FWF contacted the first complainant to verify the remediation. The complainant stated that the factory management called the supervisors and pregnant workers for a meeting and informed everything they need to know about pregnant workers’ welfare and asked the supervisors to look after the pregnant workers according to their pregnant worker policy. Since then, all pregnant workers in the factory are well taken care and given proper rest during the working hour. The factory will be giving out Pregnancy Wrist Band for pregnant workers so that they can be identified easily and receive the care they need at workplace. The complainant is satisfied with the remediation and thanked FWF, the brand and the factory.

2020-02-05 Evaluation of the complaint

FWF contacted the second complainant to check whether the supervisor had reduced the pressure on production. The complainant stated that she did not notice a big change but the supervisor had softened her tone when she talks to the workers for now. FWF told the complainant to report again if the supervisor behaved like before.

2020-02-06 Resolved

The complaint is resolved.