Takko Holding GmbH, Complaint 363

Employment is freely chosen Safe and healthy working conditions

The complainant told the complaints handler about daily verbal abuse by the Chinese factory manager and constant pressure to meet the production targets. The production target per day is 200 pieces with 20 pieces per hour. Beside every sewing machine, there is a paper tag where workers record the hourly outputs. Since the beginning of March, the Chinese factory manager would come to the sewing lines and check the tag and scold the workers who cannot complete 20 pieces per hour. He walks around the sewing lines and yells at the lines which have not met the target. He behaves aggressively when he is angry such as hitting whiteboards and dropping his walkie-talkie harshly on the table which makes the workers scared and feel more pressured. The complainant added that she feels scared even to hear his voice in the distance.

Starting 3 or 4 months ago, the workers who cannot complete the target are marked by tying a piece of fabric on the sewing machine. If the worker cannot complete 80 pieces by 11:30, they are marked by a piece of fabric. If they have 3 pieces of fabric tied on their sewing machine, they are given a warning letter for not being able to complete the target. Hence, the workers feel so pressured to reach the target that they do not dare go to toilet. Furthermore, they are scolded when they take long time in the toilet. The supervisors constantly tells the workers to be more responsible by getting back to work as soon as they finish their lunch. The workers, who are afraid, work right after lunch during the break time. The complainant stated that they would be able to complete the target if the operators at the back can process the pieces quickly. However, due to the high turnover rate, there is only a handful of skilled operator and the rest are either in their probation period or unskilled. Most of the workers quit because they cannot take the daily verbal abuse and pressure. The complainant believes that the factory is doing it on purpose as the supervisors always say that they should quit if they do not like the factory so that the factory can hire new workers who are cheaper as they are paid at 1800 MMK during probation period where the permanent ones are at 3600 MMK.

Overview of the complaint investigation

2018-07-26 New issue

A new complainant also reported about the production pressure and drinking water issue.

2018-08-14 New issue

A new complainant reported that the supervisors had been giving out warning letters to the workers who were behind their production target.

2018-08-30 Remediation

The factory cancelled the flag system and plan to increase production by enhancing their technical training and adjusting the process to workers' sense of responsibility. The factory provided training about mandatory work and overtime to the supervisors and posted their policy on the noticeboards. The drinking water was planned to be tested in a short time and the old test report in March 2018 was sent for verification.

2018-11-05 Remediation

The factory revised their overtime policy as per the recommendation from Fairwear.

2019-03-31 Evaluation of the complaint

The complainant was no longer reachable for evaluation.

2019-04-01 Closed

The complaint has closed.