Takko Holding GmbH, Complaint 4

Employment is freely chosen

Complaint handler received a complaint from one worker, which concerns coaching of workers (during a previous audit done by another organisation), excessive and forced overtime, insufficient overtime compensation, restriction on resignation labour contract and child labourers.

The case concerned several of FWFs labour standards:
1 – employment is freely chosen; 4 – no exploitation of child labour; 6 – reasonable hours of work and 8 – legally
binding employment relationship.

Findings and conclusions

In May, FWF received a complaint about a number of issues at a supplier of Takko Fashion, including forced and excessive overtime and coaching of workers before an audit.

An investigation showed that parts of the complaint were grounded. Takko Fashion has been informed and is currently working with its supplier on (the implementation of) a corrective action plan, which FWF will verify and publish a final report about.

Overview of the complaint investigation

2012-05-14 Investigation

A FWF factory audit had been carried out 14 and 15 May 2012 in the factory and information from this was used in the investigation. Apart from reviewing the audit report, FWF also undertook further investigations by interviewing the plaintiff and the management of the factory.

2012-05-24 Conclusion of the investigation

The factory audit carried out, confirmed issues raised by the plaintiff regarding coaching of workers and excessive overtime. FWF informed Takko about these conclusions from the complaints investigation on 24 May. Takko is expected to discuss these with the factory. Both companies will jointly come up with a plan for corrective action, which will be verified by FWF.
After corrective action has been implemented and verified, FWF will publish an updated version of this report.

2012-05-24 Resolved

This complaint has been resolved