Takko Holding GmbH, Complaint 522

Reasonable hours of work

The complainant claimed that the factory is making them work on Independence day which is a national holiday for all. They (workers) had been working until 7pm on that day without any assurance of double payment and a compensatory day off.

Overview of the complaint investigation

2018-10-01 Investigation

The complaint was shared with the brand which in turn sent it to the factory to get their response. Brand's local office went to the factory to check on the complaint but they could not find any record which indicated towards the factory being open on 15th August. However, no documents to support this statement were produced by the factory or brand.

2018-10-05 Conclusion of the investigation

Fair Wear is unable to conclude the complaint at this point as the statement of the brand was not supported by any documentary evidence.
Fair Wear decided to conduct an offsite investigation to look into this case.

2018-12-18 Investigation

An auditor from South India team conducted offsite investigation on 18.12.2018. Nine workers were interviewed. Both individual and two group interviews were conducted. Group included workers from the Northern parts of India too.

2018-12-26 Conclusion of the investigation

All interviewed workers reported that they did not work on any national holidays including August 15th 2018 which was mentioned by the complainant. Workers said that they have never worked on any national holidays.

One among the interviewed workers was a tailor who had recently joined this factory. When she was questioned about instructions during induction and working hours, she said that the management told her that all national holidays are devoid of any kind of work within the premises.

2019-01-02 Remediation

While the complaint was not found grounded during the off-site investigation it is recommended that the factory regularly communicates it's policy to it's workers for a better understanding of the workplace. A clear and open communication between worker and management fosters a healthy working environment.

2019-01-16 Verification

Fair Wear complaint handler tried to make call to the complainant but she was informed that it is a public booth number and workers from the factory use this facility time to time.

2019-03-20 Evaluation of the complaint

Since the complainant remained unreachable despite several trials of calling him/her Fair Wear is unable to cross-check it further.

2019-04-01 Closed

Based on the off-site investigation report the complaint is not found grounded hence the complaint is considered a non-issue.