Takko Holding GmbH, Complaint 746

Employment is freely chosen Reasonable hours of work Safe and healthy working conditions

According to the complainant the Factory Management makes workers work day and night shifts continuously. Many women workers who have young children and aged parents suffer from this situation. Every week, 2 to 3 days they work from 8:45 to 17:45. Then the night shift starts at 20:00, they leave the factory at 7:00 and the Factory Manager ask them to return by 8:45 again to the day shift. This information is not brought to the attention of the Managing Director. The factory manager scolds with bad words if they refuse. As they work three shifts continuously they often fall sick and problems arise within their family. The complainant said that they work to earn and fulfil their family's needs but their children and aged parents cannot be taken care of. under these circumstances. Thier health has worsened because of the continuous shifts without rest.

Overview of the complaint investigation

2019-08-01 Investigation

This complaint was shared with the brand and brand in turn immediately responded that they would share this complaint with the factory and would advise with their team in India to check with the issues raised.

2019-08-05 Investigation

Brand has shared the factory's
Over Time Summary: April to June 2019
Over Time Summary: July 2019
Time Card In & Out Register: May 2019
Time Card In & Out Register: June 2019
Time Card In & Out Register: July 2019

It added that their team checked the In Time & Out Time records, Over Time Summary, Attendance Registers, Production Records, Wages Records and other related records for the last four months (April, May, June & July 2019). They stated that it was observed that over time work was with-in the statutory limit of 50 hours per three months. There were no traces of night work.

Brand has closely observed that factory has produced 3,20,000 pieces for Takko during the last three months (May, June & July) – whereas their average production capacity is 2,00,000 pieces per month – 6,00,000 pieces for the period of three months, which means they have produced only 50% of their capacity.
For the other buyer (other than Takko Orders) factory has produced just 3,000 pieces in the past three months. Another 12,000 pieces for their other buyer is under production.Since the export orders were not sufficient for the production capacity, factory management has tried to do some job works for other customer orders (obtained from the local market) which is 16000 sets of T-shirts & Pants.

Brand mentioned that the factory has asserted that with such a production capacity it is not necessary for them to push the workers to do night works.

Brand has asked FWF to advise on the next steps.

2019-09-06 Conclusion of the investigation

There has been several other (at least three) complaints in the last one month which refer to higher production target. This is in complete contradiction to factory management's statement. It is difficult to draw conclusion based on the sole response of factory management.
Fair Wear suggests that a partial audit (worker interview with document's inspection) is done before the end of year to find out the real situation.

2020-02-05 Investigation

An announced visit was made on 5th Feb as a part of investigation. Offsite workers interviews were conducted as well on 6th.

Workers interview and document inspection revealed that there is neither excessive overtime nor forced overtime. The time records were available and there was no excessive overtime.

2020-03-09 Closed

Since workers interviews and documents inspection revealed that there is neither excessive nor forced overtime, it is concluded that the complaint is false and hence considered inadmissible and closed.