Takko Holding GmbH, Complaint 769

Employment is freely chosen Reasonable hours of work Safe and healthy working conditions Legally binding employment relationship

The complainant has been working in the factory for more than five years .
The complainant shared that things were good before the new factory manager joined. Factory manager fired 5 to 6 senior persons recently and there were about 30 to 40 person who left the factory last month due to the pressure from factory manager (FM). The newly joined workers also leave the factory because of verbal abuse by the FM and excessive work hours. Factory Manager scolds the workers if they are not able to reach their target of 40 to 50 pieces in an hour.
The complainant expressed that her resident is close to the factory and many worker's livelihood is based on the factory and sought Fair Wear's help to take necessary action for smooth work .

Overview of the complaint investigation

2019-09-03 Investigation

FWF shared the complaint with the brand and brand in turn shared it with the factory for their response.

2019-09-04 Investigation

Brand shared the factory's response which is:
Factory uses time study method based on which production targets are set. The factory manager asks every worker to try to achieve their target – but even if some workers fail, there is no punishment or salary reduction.

The recent complaints raised against the new Factory manager [joined a year before] is because he has started implementing a few new systems which has created displeasure among some workers. So they try to create issues against factory manager by raising repeated false complaints.

Factory added that they have assured the following actions:

A new “Grievance Redressal Committee” will be formed with major female worker participants.

“Complaint box” will be provided in the private area - near toilets, necessary assurance will be given to the workers that the complaint box will directly handled by the owners of the company – keeping the confidentiality of the complaints raised.

2019-09-05 Remediation

FW would suggest that the new factory manager introducing new system is acceptable but the repeated complaints of him being abusive has to be corrected. Treatment of workers should be in a mutually respectful manner.

Excessive OT for workers has been a regular complaint and this matter needs to be looked into. FWF would recommend a partial audit of this factory and off site interviews to find out whether the case is grounded or not.

2019-09-23 Verification

Factory has shared digital proof on the formation of special grievance handling committee, its election process and increasing the awareness among workers on the usage suggestion boxes. However, there is no response about the behaviour of the Factory Manager.

2020-02-05 Investigation

An unannounced visit was made to factory on 5th Feb to investigate the complaint and offsite interviews were also conducted on 6th Feb. The number of workers who joined and who left the factory during July, August and September were checked and there was no group termination of workers. The full and final settlement of the workers who had left were available and it could be seen that those workers who had left have done it on their own will. There was no excessive OT.

None of the workers reported that Factory Manager uses abusive language.

2020-03-09 Closed

Workers interview and documents inspection clearly indicated that there is no unlawful termination of workers , no excessive overtime and no reported verbal abuse , it is concluded that the complaint is not grounded and hence inadmissible.