Takko Holding GmbH, Complaint 771

Safe and healthy working conditions Legally binding employment relationship

The complainant has been working as a helper for about 5 years. According to her there is lot of humiliation even for the small mistakes committed during the production time. There is too much of pressure and the Factory Manager uses abusive language which makes complainant low and depressed. She has added that the Factory Manager has fired 5 workers last month and she also gave the names of two workers who had been fired. She wants Fair Wear to help in this.

Overview of the complaint investigation

2019-09-03 Investigation

FWF shared the complaint with the brand and brand in turn has shared it with the factory for their feedback.

2019-09-04 Investigation

Factory responded that the factory management uses time study method, based on which the targets are set. The factory manager asks every worker to try to achieve their target – but even if some workers fail, there is no punishment or salary reduction.

The recent complaints raised against the new Factory manager [joined a year before] is because he has started implementing a few new systems which has created displeasure among some workers. So they try to create issues against factory manager by raising repeated false complaints.

2019-09-05 Remediation

FWF would suggest that the new factory manager introducing new system is acceptable but the repeated complaints of him being abusive has to be corrected. Treatment of workers should be in a mutually respectful manner.

High production targets and verbal abuse has been a regular complaint and this matter needs to be looked into. FWF would recommend a partial audit of this factory and to find out the real situation.

2019-09-17 Investigation

The complainant was called to check if there is any progress in the behaviour of Factory Manager and she told that somebody has wrongly used her number to file a compliant and she said that she has not made any complaint before. Since she was not willing to talk the call was disconnected.
Given that several complaints have come from this factory Fair Wear would conduct partial audit.

2020-02-05 Investigation

As a part of investigation, an unannounced visit was made to the factory on 5 February to check if the complaint was admissible or not. Management was absolutely fine with the investigation and cooperated completely and allowed access to the factory sites, documents and interviews. Off-site workers interview was also conducted on 6 February as a part of investigation. 14 workers were interviewed during offsite. Both individual and group interviews were conducted and it covered both men and women working in various departments.

There is no reported gender-based violence and verbal abuse during the investigation. Some of the workers who were interviewed were seen during the previous audit and previous investigation. None of the workers reported that Factory Manager uses abusive language. In fact, the migrant workers were happy that he understands Hindi [ language spoken by them] and therefore communication with him is easier.

The number of workers who joined and who left the factory during July, August and September were checked and there was no group termination of workers. The full and final settlement of the workers were available and it could be seen that those workers who had left have done it on their own will.

2020-03-03 Closed

Since visual inspection, workers interview and documents inspection clearly indicated that there is no unlawful termination of workers , no verbal/physical abuse and no reported gender based violence, it is concluded that the complaint is not grounded and hence the case is closed.