Takko Holding GmbH, Complaint 839

Reasonable hours of work Safe and healthy working conditions Legally binding employment relationship

The worker reported that the factory has been demanding mandatory overtime lately and pressuring workers on meeting production targets.

The complainant claimed that the local and Chinese supervisors had been demanding workers to work overtime since their production was urgent. The workers who want to go back home after normal working hours are scolded and stopped by the supervisors. Some supervisors also threatened the workers that if they refuse to do the overtime hours, they would not be given the chance to work overtime anymore.

The workers feel pressured and intimidated to work overtime.

Moreover, the local and Chinese management have been asking workers to start working at 7:15 or 7:20, even though their working time officially starts at 7:30. The workers who cannot start working at 7:20 are scolded, threatened with warning letters, or are, in fact, given warning letters. This has been going on for months according to the complainant. The complainant stated that the workers feel treated unfairly and exploited since the factory has been taking their private time for work but is strict on their working time.

The complainant also added that the local and Chinese supervisors do not approve leave at all if it is not a matter of life and death. Even though the workers claim their entitled leave according to the law, the management does not approve any leave submitted. Therefore, the workers end up taking unpaid leave which results in being disciplined with warning letters that could eventually lead to their dismissal. Due to the constant pressure, workers, and especially pregnant workers, tend to resign from the factory.

New complaint

This is a new complaint that FWF has just filed. At this point in the procedure, the complaint is pending investigation, and FWF has not yet proven it to be grounded. Updates to the investigation will follow. The brand is requested to share the complaint with factory management and to get their perspective. Ideally, this includes obtaining documental evidence in addition to a statement from management.

Overview of the complaint investigation