Takko Holding GmbH, Complaint 842

Payment of a living wage Legally binding employment relationship

This complaint consist of two complainants, one is a Senior Production Manager and has been working for the factory for 2 years. The other complainant is a Production Manager and has been working at the factory for 20 years.

This complaint is related to complaint number 817, where in the remediation, factory management committed to pay the penalty money for short shipment, but have not paid the two complainants. Moreover, factory management forced them to take 10 days leave in January, without any notice. When they returned to work on 30 January, management verbally told them to take leave again from 31 January until now, 28 February. The complainants stated that they have not received their salary for the month of January.

According to the complainants, there are no allegations against them and factory management did not say whether there was a specific reason for their behaviour.

The complainant would like to be reinstated and be able to start working again. They expect to reach a good solution.

New complaint

This is a new complaint that FWF has just filed. At this point in the procedure, the complaint is pending investigation, and FWF has not yet proven it to be grounded. Updates to the investigation will follow. The brand is requested to share the complaint with factory management and to get their perspective. Ideally, this includes obtaining documental evidence in addition to a statement from management.

Overview of the complaint investigation