VAUDE Sport GmbH & Co. KG, Complaint 407

Employment is freely chosen Reasonable hours of work

The complaint was threefold:
- The workers stated that they had made worked up to approximately 100 overtime hours in November 2011;
- Workers reportedly had to sign a document stating that overtime work was voluntary and that they would accept the regular salary for overtime work. Workers would not get paid until signing the document;
- Workers stated that they were still awaiting their salaries for November which were due 5 days before filing the complaint;

Findings and conclusions

In 2012 FWF followed up on one complaint that had been filed in December 2011 by workers from a factory supplying Vaude. This complaint concerned excessive overtime and general communication in the factory.
On 14 December FWF decided that the complaint was admissible as it relates to the Code of Labour Practices and the involved factory is owned by an affiliate member of FWF. On 15 December FWF informed Vaude Sport that the complaint had been filed through its complaints procedure
Vaude developed an action plan to address this issue. In October 2012 FWF verified improvements in the factory. It was found that overtime was decreased in general in 2012, and that no excessive overtime had occurred as of June 2012 onwards. With regard to communication & consultation, the factory had made some improvements through training by an external service provider. The audit team identified that further improvement was still needed, particularly with regard to the disciplinary policy in the factory.

Overview of the complaint investigation

2012-12-12 Closed

This complain is closed.