VAUDE Sport GmbH & Co. KG, Complaint 856

Payment of a living wage

The complainant is a worker who has worked at the factory since February 2016. The complainant resigned lawfully from the factory on 4 March 2020, through giving 45 days of advance notice. Afterwards, the complainant did not receive their severance allowance for maternity leave taken in 2017. The worker contacted the Human Resource Department of the factory and was told that he/she does not have any severance allowance.

Overview of the complaint investigation

2020-04-06 Investigation

Vaude shared the complaint with the factory on 2 April 2020. The factory then replied that the worker had joined the factory on 1 June 2018. Therefore, she would not receive severance allowance for maternity leave in 2017.

2020-04-21 Investigation

The Complaints Handler reached out to the complainant to check the information given by the factory. The worker said that she has no evidence to show that she worked at the factory from February 2016 to June 2018. The factory did not provide pay-slips to workers and she was paid in cash. She was under 18 years old at the time. The complainant said that workers under 18 were required to stay at home during audits.

2020-04-28 Investigation

On 28 and 29 April 2020, the complaints handler conducted phone interviews with 3 workers working at the factory.
All of the workers confirmed that the complainant started working at the factory in 2016 when she was 17 years old. Then, she delivered a baby and her child is about 3 years old now.

They explained that the complainant was enrolled in the social insurance only after her maternity leave, therefore she was not entitled to the maternity allowance at that time - which is in line with Vietnamese regulation.