VAUDE Sport GmbH & Co. KG, Complaint 899

Employment is freely chosen Legally binding employment relationship

The complainant is a worker who has been working at the factory since 2015. According to the complainant, he/she gave his/her resignation letter to the supervisor on 13 February 2020 but it has not yet been approved.

The complainant was advised that he/she should contact the supervisor to check the resignation then call the Fair Wear helpline again if he/she needs further help. After contacting the supervisor, the complainant said that the supervisor replied that his/her resignation will be resolved in December 2020.

The complainant would like Fair Wear to help him/her terminate his/her labour contract lawfully, and to receive all his/her due payments as well as social insurance book.

Overview of the complaint investigation

2020-06-12 Investigation

On 12 June, the complainant confirmed that his/her termination was approved and the labour contract will be terminated at the end of July 2020. However, the complainant said that he/she has not been provided a copy of the approval document, which he/she would like to receive.