Following the threads: stories of women workers

Have you ever taken a moment to think about the people who make your clothes? It is time to take a look behind the label.

Together, Plan International and Fair Wear launched this project to capture the impact that brands’ purchasing practices have on lives of workers—women in particular. To do this, we have collected stories from people throughout the various stages of garment production.

Join us in the coming months as we share their stories; stories by the women who make our clothes, of initiatives that have a powerful impact on their lives, and of those who are working to make this happen—from this side of the world to the other. Stories told by different actors along the supply chain, people with different perspectives and roles to play, but all vital to making change happen.

We know there is a better way to make clothes: a global garment industry that enables workers to see their rights to safe, fairly paid employment. We all have the power to reform our relationship with what we buy, and choose to support brands and initatives that place gender equality at the top of the agenda.  We hope these stories, told by people from within the garment industry, will inspire you to start doing things differently!

This project is a collaboration between Plan International and Fair Wear.