The story of Mahbub Hasan Masud, factory management

Many factories have yet to achieve gender equality and protection against gender violation in the workplace. However, in a factory situated in the heart of Dhaka, Assistant General Manager and Human Resource Administrator of Compliance, Mahbub Hasan Masud, proudly states the meeting of standards for creating a safe workplace for all workers in his factory.

Women are underrepresented in leadership positions across all sectors

Mahbub Hasan Masud

Mahbub: “Bangladesh has come a long way; it has experienced rapid growth and development in the past decade. Yet, women are underrepresented in leadership positions across all sectors. Improvement is a slow process. Though there have been visible changes across the industry, it is mostly up to garment factory owners to act upon the notion to create safe and better working conditions for the workers in their factory.”

Photos: b.a.sujaN / Plan International / Map Photo Agency, Dhaka, Bangladesh