The Story of Hunkemöller

For this story-telling project with Plan, we sat down with Rebecka Sancho, Corporate Sustainability Manager at Hunkemöller, a non-Fair Wear member brand, to talk about how they work towards gender equality in their supply chain.

For Hunkemöller, gender equality is important to them because women are such a central aspect of their brand due to the products they make, but also, due to the people – most of whom are women – behind the brand.

They recognise that female workers in their supply chain, and in most garment supply chains, are commonly paid lower wages, promoted less, and in some cases, face restrictive stereotypes and abuse as well as juggle more responsibilities at home with longer working hours.

As a brand, they believe it is important to understand how their practices and action can influence female workers negatively and take steps to prevent, mitigate and remediate.

‘Our first step was to improve policies, moving from a basic Code of Conduct to recognising gender equality in our Ethical Code of Conduct. Our Cthical Code of Conduct is now written with a gender lens. Recognising women in supply chain by including their rights to maternity protection, rights to an equal wage, as well as right up recognising all forms of abuse and sexual harassment.’

In this video, Rebecka tells how Hunkemöller and its suppliers are working on gender equality and how they are actively investing in improving working conditions for men and women. Watch the video to learn more!