Member Learning is an integral part of the services we provide to our member brands. We facilitate a learning ecosystem where we leverage both in-house knowledge and experience, and broader industry learnings from our partners, engaging both members, non-members and factories to accelerate the industry transition to a new normal.

We use information gathered from our production countries about local working conditions, taking into account workers’ experiences and ideas and include these in our learning agenda. This ensures a continuous learning loop that ensures workers’ perspectives are well integrated. In 2021 we organised over 80 online webinars and training opportunities for our brands. 

The learning environment we cultivate at Fair Wear is a place where our members and in some cases external stakeholders can: 

  • Access and make use of our expert knowledge pool and self-guiding resources – e.g. Tools like Fair Price App and Wage Ladder to help work towards a Living Wage for all.
  • Attend webinars and working sessions offering real-time updates from our in-country teams. These valuable events cover everything from Covid-19 update sessions to workshops for first-year member brands and first-year CSR managers.
  • Learn by enrolling in our bespoke learning programmes aimed to improve internal knowledge and capacity at brands to address working conditions, through improved purchasing practices, deeper monitoring, collaborative remediation and prevention, e.g. participating in training courses, such as Human Rights Due Diligence approach. 
  • Connect with technical/domain experts and learn from peers e.g. Overtime Guidance and working group 
  • Collaborate – Contribute to developing, replicating, and scaling best practices. e.g. connect with Living Wage experts and peers to scale ‘tested’ approaches and contribute to solutions.