On this page you can see the different projects that Fair Wear Foundation has launched to improve working conditions at factories.

Workplace Education Programme

FWF’s Workplace Education Programme (WEP) aims to move companies beyond auditing and corrective action, and towards collaborative workplaces, where issues are raised and resolved through open communication.

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Wage ladder

Payment of a living wage is one of FWF’s eight labour standards. A living wage means that workers’ basic needs, including food, clothing, housing, healthcare and education, are met. The idea is simple: people who work a normal working week should be able to make a living.

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Whatever your job – design to sales, merchandising to procurement– you can take steps to make your company’s supply chain a better place to work. The WellMade project can help you figure out where to start.


Women's safety at work

Workplace violence against women is increasingly acknowledged as a serious issue that deserves attention and resources to combat it. FWF has identified some important risks that affect women, and particularly women garment workers, and that can lead to workplace violence.

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Living Wage Portal

Fair Wear Foundation works to uncover and overcome, one by one, the many obstacles that prevent garment workers from earning a living wage.

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Factory Guide

The Factory Guide is an online training tool that addresses several areas including building safety, gender discrimination, and video interviews on overtime, harassment and wages. The Factory Guide aims to engage factory managers in the work of FWF and its members.

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