On this page you can see the different projects that Fair Wear Foundation has launched to help improve working conditions at factories.

Workplace Education Programme

FWF members aim for more than participating in auditing. FWF’s Workplace Education Programme (WEP) provides short, targeted onsite training for managers, supervisors and workers. The training aims to raise awareness about the various labour standards and effective methods for communicating about problems and resolving disputes. Managers, supervisors and workers also learn about FWF’s complaints mechanism.

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Wage ladder

The Wage Ladder is an innovative online tool that helps brands, factories and unions make real progress towards living wages for garment workers. Users can compare wages paid at any garment factory against a range of wage benchmarks using easy-to-understand graphics. It is a first step toward bridging the gap between minimum and living wages.

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The WellMade website provides employees at European clothing companies with concrete tools for understanding the major labour issues they have influence over and how they can support improved working conditions. Everyone can take steps to enhance the work environment across their company’s supply chain.


Women's safety at work

The Women’s Safety at Work portal is an online platform. FWF uses data from projects in countries like Bangladesh and India to identify key risks that affect women garment workers and that can lead to workplace violence. The platform also covers measures that can help improve women’s working conditions, like the training of top management or the creation of anti-harassment committees.

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Living Wage Portal

Why do living wages still seem an impossible dream for most garment workers? FWF works to uncover and overcome the many obstacles that prevent garment workers from earning a living wage and to find lasting real-world solutions. The Living Wage Portal offers real-life examples of brands working with factories towards living wages. The platform also offers insights from experts, access to tools, and voices from workers and local stakeholders.

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Factory Guide

The Factory Guide is an accessible and attractive online training tool for factory managers. The guide explains how labour standards work in practice and what to expect from FWF audits. By clarifying FWF’s vision on supply-chain relationships, complaints handling and trainings, it aims to engage factory managers in the work of FWF. Graphics, videos and quizzes add a fun factor to serious matters.

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