Acne Studios Performance Check 2016

Acne Studios Performance Check 2016

Acne Studios meets meets most of FWF’s management system requirements and goes beyond some of them. With 92% of production under monitoring, Acne Studios fulfills FWF’s monitoring threshold for affiliates after three years of membership.

Long-term relationships with many suppliers (45% of total production volume is sourced from long-term suppliers), often combined with high leverage at the production locations (78%) and regular visits to the production sites puts Acne Studios in a good position to work on improvement of labour conditions.

Acne Studios has strong systems in place to follow up on Corrective Action Plans, however working towards living wages remains challenging. A thorough wage analysis of all wages at the Romanian suppliers was done by Acne Studios. The company used FWF’s wage ladders, resulted from audits. Next step for Acne Studios is to learn in which countries the largest gap between wages paid and living wage benchmarks are found. FWF recommends to assess prices in relation to the share that is paid to workers. Increased transparency in costing and productivity gives insight in the labour costs and labour minutes per product.

To know more about Acne Studios, please visit its company page.

About the Brand Performance Check

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