Acne Studios Performance Check 2017

Acne Studios has shown advanced results on performance indicators and has made exceptional progress. With 95% of production under monitoring, Acne Studios surpasses FWF’s monitoring threshold for members after three years of membership. The benchmarking score of 82 puts the member company in the Leader category.

Because Italy takes up over a third of the brand’s total FOB value, and there are risks regarding Chinese migrant labour and subcontracting, Acne Studios made extra effort in monitoring its Italian production locations. The member company started an Italy Working Group with other buyers and developed a joint roadmap to tackle the most critical issues. To ensure that its lead times enable normal working hours, Acne Studios has further improved its production planning. The member also gave intensive support to suppliers that have experienced excessive overtime, leading to reduced overtime at Chinese suppliers, where overtime is a structural issue. Acne Studios also made steps towards more transparency in the supply chain of its production in South Korea, where homeworkers are used. The member enrolled its main Chinese suppliers in the Workplace Education Programme, and organised a training for the homeworkers that its South Korean supplier used.
Working towards living wages remains challenging and FWF encourages Acne Studios to talk with some suppliers about possibilities to jointly work towards higher wage benchmarks for their worker

Benchmarking score: 82, % under monitoring 95, Category: Leader


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