ALBIRO Performance Check 2014

ALBIRO Performance Check 2014
This Brand Performance Check assesses the second year of FWF membership of ALBIRO, which represents several brands in work wear (ALBIRO, Marsum, Solida, Wikland) and outdoor (Frency, Bailo). ALBIROreached a monitoring threshold of 62%, whereas 60% is required in the second year of membership. ALBIRO has shown progress in implementing FWFs management system requirements at headquarter level and systematically throughout its supply-chain.
ALBIRO consolidated the existing supplier base for its main production in Eastern Europe and Northern Africa, and reduced production in the Far East. ALBIRO focused work on FWF standards in Macedonia, where it sources 100% of the production volume at almost all suppliers. In Macedonia, ALBIRO made considerable efforts to work on productivity improvements with its suppliers, hence create space to increase wages to living wage level, and participated in pilots with FWF to develop a tool to determine the Living Wage factor (additional cost of living wage).
Although ALBIRO’s 2012 sustainability strategy clearly defines high and ambitious goals with regard to FWF affiliation, systemic implementation was hindered in 2013 because of the take-over of new brands, including their existing suppliers, and changing CSR staff. ALBIROis recommended to intensify overall implementation of FWF management system requirements and work with suppliers in all countries in a systematic manner. Furthermore, it is recommended to develop the management system and procedures in such a way to make its implementation of FWF standards less vulnerable to CSR staff changes.
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For more detailed information, the Brand Performance Check Guide 2014 is available for download (also in 2-sided printable booklet).


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