ALBIRO Performance Check 2016

This is the ALBIRO Performance Check 2016
ALBIRO meets most of FWF’s management system requirements and reached a monitoring threshold of 93%, which exceeds the 90% required beyond the third year of membership. Therefore, ALBIRO has reached the category “Good”.
ALBIRO’s sourcing strategy includes long-term partnerships with suppliers. In 2015, the company continued to consolidate its supply chain and has increased leverage at several suppliers. At almost all Eastern European production sites, ALBIRO source 100% of the production volume. For its European and Moroccan suppliers, ALBIRO has a thorough understanding of pricing calculations, the production planning supports regular working hours and ALBIRO staff visit the sites frequently. While some improvements were observed, challenges remain to ensure the same standards for suppliers in China, Vietnam, Turkey and India. For example, ALBIRO was unable to show during the Brand Performance Check that audit findings concerning nontransparent wage and production records had been remediated. FWF advises ALBIRO to apply the same standards to all suppliers.
In Macedonia, ALBIRO continued to make considerable efforts to work on productivity improvements with its suppliers, hence create space to increase wages to living wage level, and participated in pilots with FWF to develop a tool to determine the Living Wage factor (additional cost of living wage). FWF recommends ALBIRO to ensure that other suppliers also benefit from learning and gradually move towards higher wage benchmarks.
To enhance dialogue between workers and factory management, FWF encourages ALBIRO to motivate more suppliers to participate in WEP trainings.

Check the ALBIRO FWF page, for the latest information.


FWF’s brand performance check system

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The Brand Performance Check system is updated in regular intervals. If you have comments on the system or particular indicators, please send them to with the subject line “Feedback on Brand Performance Check system


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