ALBIRO Performance Check 2017

ALBIRO Performance Check 2017

ALBIRO has shown progress and met most of FWF’s performance requirements. With a monitoring percentage of 97.5%, it meets the monitoring threshold required by members after three years of membership. Therefore, ALBIRO is awarded the ‘Good’ category, with a total of 71 points.

ALBIRO has a strategy in place to limit the number of Group 2 suppliers, which are mostly in the tail end of the supply chain. It has ceased relationships with two out of three Chinese intermediaries. Furthermore, it has organised WEP-basic training at three of its suppliers. Also, a training session on labour standards took place at a Vietnamese supplier. Communication is once again in line with FWF policies. In 2016, ALBIRO managed to successfully raise wages at one of its Macedonian suppliers.

FWF encourages ALBIRO to continue its work on living wages and social dialogue at its Group 1 suppliers and to actively share its best practices with other FWF members. FWF also strongly recommends further consolidation of its Group 2 suppliers to ensure increased leverage, monitoring and active remediation.

ALBIRO should still improve its pricing policy, especially for Group 2 suppliers, and should work closely with these suppliers to prevent the occurrence of excessive overtime. Furthermore, it should ensure that its intermediaries are aware of FWF requirements and follow up on improving working conditions.

Read more about ALBIRO’s efforts on its company page.

About the Brand Performance Check

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