Alchemist Performance Check 2015

Alchemist Performance Check 2015

Alchemist meets most of FWF’s management system requirements. Nearly 90% of the company’s production volume comes from Portugal. During this first two years of FWF membership, Alchemist has focused on informing the suppliers of the FWF Code of Labour Practices and discussing the level of working conditions.

With the production from Portugal, a country that is classified as low-risk, Alchemist meets the monitoring threshold of companies in their second year of membership. Alchemist has maintained a business relation for more than five years with suppliers accounting for 72% of its total purchasing volume. Alchemist sources a small percentage from factories in Turkey and India, and is expected to establish a monitoring system.

First steps can include analysing the wages and working hours at those suppliers in relation to the brand’s own purchasing practices. Moreover, Alchemist is expected to ensure the FWF Code of Labour Practices is posted at all factories the company works with.

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