Alchemist Performance Check 2016

Alchemist performance check 2016

Alchemist is in process of implementing FWFs management system requirements. 68% of Alchemists 2015 production volume comes from low risk countries. An additional 4% is being monitored by following up on an existing external audit report. This brings the monitoring percentage to 72%,which is below the monitoring threshold of 90% that is required for members after 3rd year of membership. This is mainly because Alchemist produced more in Turkey and India without fulfilling monitoring requirements.

Alchemist will not continue production in Turkey in 2016, and we expect this will impact the monitoring percentage of 2016. Because of this, together with Alchemists extensive monitoring in Portugal, FWF has awarded a good rating. Alchemist had invested strongly into monitoring its Portugese suppliers, and building their awareness about FWF membership requirements. Alchemist started a collaboration with other FWF members to assess wage levels in a shared factory in Portugal. This will help Alchemist to gain more insight into the relationship between their pricing and wages in the factory, an important step towards living wages. In order to offer a complete collection, Alchemist has started working with several new suppliers in India. With this Alchemist is expected to increase monitoring and due diligence in these countries to identify risks and remediate these in a timely manner.

Monitoring, due diligence and remediation are challenging for Alchemist because of their small size, which makes it difficult to get the committment of suppliers to work together with the company on the implementation of the FWF Code of Labour Practices. FWF therefore recommends Alchemist to work together with suppliers that already have been audited to ensure potential risks are already identified before a business relationship is started.

Read more about Alchemist’s performance on its company page.

About the Brand Performance Check

Read more about the Brand Performance Checks in our Brand Performance Guide 2016  and its companion.

The Brand Performance Check system is updated in regular intervals. If you have comments on the system or particular indicators, please send them to with the subject line “Feedback on Brand Performance Check system”.


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