Alchemist Performance Check 2017

Alchemist Performance Check 2017

Alchemist has shown progress and met most of FWFs’ performance requirements. Alchemist has monitored 86% of its purchasing volume, of which 18% was being monitored by following up on existing external audit reports. Alchemist is therefore awarded the category ‘Good’.

Since the last Brand Performance Check, Alchemist has increased efforts to increase monitoring of its low-risk production sites by making regular visits and collecting all available audits. In 2016, Alchemist completed a living wage analysis together with two other FWF member brands, Filippa K and Anna van Toor, at its supplier in Portugal. Efforts made by the gain more insight into the relationship between their pricing and wages in the factory, which is an
important step towards living wages. Unfortunately, monitoring and remediation are still a challenge for Alchemist because of the company’s low leverage.

This slows down the pace at which suppliers are willing to respond to improvements required to implement the FWF Code of Labour Practices. Nonetheless, despite slow progress, Alchemist has made efforts to negotiate and see through implementation. The commitment to transparency has been a major driving force for decision making by Alchemist, as can be seen with the brand’s Turkish supplier, with whom they discontinued production due to the unwillingness to share any information.

Alchemist has taken further steps to increase its transparency: this includes increased newsletters on the brand’s progress with suppliers, press meetings and seminars on sustainable materials. Furthermore, Alchemist has mapped all production within its showroom linked to their agents and production locations, which is currently being developed into an interactive map as part of Alchemist’s new website.

For the coming year, FWF recommends Alchemist to have discussions with willing factory management in high-risk production locations, especially those with whom they already have a long-standing business relationship, to pursue the possibility of conducting a FWF audit to verify the progress of their improvements.

Read more Alchemist’s work with FWF on its company page.

About the Brand Performance Check

Read more about the Brand Performance Checks in our Brand Performance Guide 2016  and its companion.

The Brand Performance Check system is updated in regular intervals. If you have comments on the system or particular indicators, please send them to with the subject line “Feedback on Brand Performance Check system”.


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