Anchor Workwear BV Performance Check 2017

Anchor Workwear Performance Check 2017

Anchor Workwear has shown advanced results on performance indicators and has made exceptional progress Anchor Workwear has monitored 94% of its purchasing volume, thereby meeting the required threshold of 90% for the third year of membership. Therefore Anchor Workwear is awarded the ‘Good’ category.

In 2016, Anchor Workwear invested in a Workplace Education Programme training session at one of its factories to raise knowledge and skills among workers and management on best practices related to labour standards. They also worked towards reducing their smaller suppliers in order to further consolidate their supply chain. Whilst Anchor Workwear regularly visits its production location and is in constant communication with factory management, FWF recommends integrated follow-up systems, as well as seeking out further discussions with local trade unions and workers at factories in order to start tackling advanced topics such as living wages and social dialogue.

In the next financial year, FWF recommends Anchor Workwear to further consolidate its supply chain. Working with a smaller supplier base, with which it has more leverage, can increase the influence Anchor Workwear has on implementing required changes at factories.

Read more about Anchor Workwear on its company page.

About the Brand Performance Check

Read more about the Brand Performance Checks in our Brand Performance Guide 2016  and its companion.

The Brand Performance Check system is updated in regular intervals. If you have comments on the system or particular indicators, please send them to with the subject line “Feedback on Brand Performance Check system”.


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