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Anchor Workwear BV Performance Check 2015

Anchor Workwear Performance Check 2015

Anchor Workwear meets most of FWFs management system requirements. Anchor has monitored 67% of its purchasing volume, which meets the required threshold of 60% for second year of membership.

In its second year of membership, it has continued work on the follow-up of the corrective action plan for the factory located in Vietnam. This work was related to providing indefinite contracts and improved Occupational Health & Safety. In addition to this, in 2014 Anchor Workwear started responding to increased orders leading to some overtime at its factories by investigating other production options.

No complaints were received in 2014, and no WEP trainings took place.

FWF encourages Anchor Workwear to audit the remaining 33% of its supply chain,. Anchor Workwear should also organize a WEP training in 2015 at its factory in Vietnam. Moreover, it should continue work on the CAP follow-up, especially related to more challenging issues such as living wage and freedom of association.

For more on Anchor Workwear and its efforts to improve working conditions, visit its company page.

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