Anchor Workwear BV Performance Check 2016

Anchor Workwear Performance Check 2016

Anchor Workwear has shown insufficient progress in implementing FWFs management system requirements. Anchor Workwear has monitored 65% of its purchasing volume, which does not meet the required threshold of 90% for the third year of membership. Anchor Workwear has experienced a significant growth in 2015. With its main factories in Vietnam and Bulgaria with whom it has long-term relationships, it has taken further steps to improve labour conditions. Anchor Workwear worked on worker representation, health and safety, prevention of excessive overtime and living wage. In Vietnam, workers have reached a living wage level. At these factories, Anchor Workwear has reached an advanced level of improving labour standards.

Due to its growth, Anchor Workwear could not continue with its current supplier base, but had to expand to ensure that it would meet customer demand. Anchor Workwear started business relationships with suppliers in Vietnam, Bulgaria, China and Turkey. In engaging with these suppliers, it did not take sufficient steps to prevent and mitigate human rights risks and promote labour standards. Since Anchor Workwear did not sufficiently audit, collect other audit reports and assessed suppliers in low-risk countries , it did not reach the required 90% monitoring percentage. At the end of 2015, Anchor Workwear started again to consolidate its supplier base.

No complaints were received in 2015, and no Workplace Education Programme trainings took place.

FWF encourages Anchor Workwear to ensure that it reaches the required 90% monitoring percentage. Although good labour standards are part of the core values of Anchor Workwear, it should further integrate this into its systems and decision-making. It should ensure that it knows what the risks are at suppliers and show what steps it takes to prevent, mitigate and remediate human rights risks. A more systematic approach is necessary to assess new suppliers and to promote and discuss labour standards with these suppliers. Furthermore, FWF advises Anchor Workwear to organize a Workplace Education Programme training in 2016 at its suppliers.

Read more about Anchor Workwear’s efforts on its company page.

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